Harlow Skalwold is an emerging non-binary artist having recently switched gears from years of art direction to the pursuit of working as a full time artist. Their new endeavors explore gender identity, women's issues, and the taboos of physical and mental illness in relation to both present and past societal issues. These themes connect to recent traumatic events in their life which resulted in a stronger resolve to delve deeper into the imaginative process as a therapeutic reprieve. Skalwold’s work includes abstract painting, reliquaries and sculpture, and meticulous mixed media collages incorporating photography, illustration, found objects, paint and pigment. The results of their work often seem comedic - humor arising spontaneously as defense mechanism to either deflect from or protect against the true nature of what has been witnessed.
Highly influenced by Dada, process art, and the DIY punk ethic, combined with unorthodox forms of training, they consider themselves part of the Art Singulier movement. Skalwold is a mental health advocate, and has been coping with major depressive disorder and generalized anxiety disorder since a young age.
They currently live and work in the New York metropolitan area.
Art Director at Dellamorte & Co.
2011 - Present
Art direction, graphic design, production art, osteological art.
Parsons School of Design 1998 – 2003
New York University 2011

Born in 1980, in New London, CT
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